Sunday, February 22, 2009

another altered clipboard

well I finished another clipboard I am making one for one of my online friends however, it is a secret as to who it is

Saturday, February 14, 2009

update on sofa table

I received an email back from Lane Furniture. The sofa table we purchased was made April 18, 1980 and they had no additional information.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

another day

Well, yesterday I asked my loving husband if we could go to one of the antique/second hand stores as I wanted to find a small table for my scrap room. My plan was to decoupage it. He said sure. So off we went. We walked around that crowded store for over an hour looking and looking. I didn't find a table however, my husband found a sofa table that he absolutely loved. Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart! Underneath it has stamped in Lane styling no. 926 08 and serial no. 4088140. I am going to contact Lane Furniture online and see what I can find out about this table.

Then, my husband said let's go to that other little place. So, we went about a block down the road. I was still thinking about a small table. Now, I will explain, you usually only find a few things there as they are one of those let's buy things places and Artsie Fartsie them up. They nail doors in half tables and paint, crackle, add door knobs where there usually aren't door knobs to them. You get the idea?

They did have a small table and I knew right away I wasn't going to decoupage it with all those spindles however, it was cute and didn't cost a lot. I decided it would work in my scrap room for a resting place for my coffee or Coca Cola. I just have to figure out how I want to refinish this. Do I sand and go back with stain or do I just paint it?

Then we decided to go into the big city and see if Walmart had another of the black book shelves. On our way we saw a second hand store and my sweet husband asked if I wanted to stop. I said sure and we went in. The first things he said was maybe you can find some of that blue and white china porcelain stuff you have been collecting. I thought to myself oh he is so sweet. We went in different directions, I looked at the knick knack stuff and he looked at the artwork and picture frames. We ended up wandering the store for well over an hour and both ended up in the furniture area. When I turned the corner I gasped (according to what he said to me later). I saw this lovely yellow printed chair. I thought it was adorable and the price tag was not to be believed. I said I really like that chair and I can see having it for my scrap room. He said maybe they will take less? I thought it was a good price as marked. He went to the register and asked and they informed them that they didn't negotiate on furniture. We walked the store a bit more and he pointed out a few things and both went back to the furniture. I said, Sweetheart I really like that chair. He said well, let's pay for it and see how to get it loaded. Of course, he had found a few other things while wandering and I paid for our purchases, drove around back and they loaded it. Isn't it adorable? Don't Toile fabrics and animal prints go together? Oh and when we put it into the scrap room I remembered some tapestry fabrics I have had for quite some time. One is topiaries and the other is Cheetahs. Maybe I can get real ambitious and back them, add a place for a rod and hang them on the wall. Yeah, I know another things to add to my list of things to do.

Here's the little cabinet with porcelain drawers my husband thought I would like and could use in my scrap room. I think it is lovely. And the little wooden box my husband thought I would like. Thinking maybe the little one may need some Toile fabric or paper to doll it up. What do you think?

So, today my husband says he is building me a table with drawers for my printer. It was a large table I have had for at least 15 years that he cut a hole into for my sewing machine to sit in so it would work as a flat bed for my quilting. However, during our move last year my dar friend and I broke it while moving it. I decided to keep the pieces just in case we could do something with it later. My husband disassembled all the wooden pieces, cut the top in half and has informed me he is cutting the drawer in half to make two drawers. I am curious to see the end result. I will take some picture later to show you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my favorite dishes

No, it isn't another scrapped recipe page. I really like these dishes. They were a Christmas gift from my daughter many many years ago. Recently I have been purchasing additional pieces so we can use them at holiday dinners. My husband and I use them daily. They are just too pretty to put away.

sweet swapper exchange

These are the gifts I received from my partner from the scrapbooking group I belong to. Thank you so much, Wanda!

Monday, February 9, 2009

stamp positioner

I have been reading and reading about the different stamp positioners and decided to purchase this one.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

another toile

oh look what I just came across, black toile tissue paper

I ordered some and plan to decoupage my old handmade book shelf for my craft/scrap room

what do you think?

making progress

Well after much searching online I found what I believe to be the perfect curtains for my new craft/scrapbook room. They are 95 inches long according to the details. This makes me happy as it will give me the length I need to shorten them and line them. I believe they will look nice with the Mary Kay Crowley prints I have and the red and black in the room.

I welcome suugestions and advice to give this room a French Country feel.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

friendship card

I made a friendship card to show how much I care for someone who is dear to me. Here is how it turned out.

confessions of a messy scrapaholic

Yes, my husband told me NOT to put these pictures online. I have outgrown my scrap space. My loving husband assembled me two bookcases and placed our extra table in another room so I can expand. As always I am trying to be organized. I have just outgrown my space.