Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Premade Pages

I punched over 100 branches for the tree. There has to be an easier way to recreate this and not spend 2 days creating and finishing this layout. The ornaments on the tree I have had for some time. I purchased them to use on a Christmas tree for my dollhouse. However, when I had the idea for this layout I dug them out of my stash and used them here instead. I also used those fingernail stickers as ornaments. I look for them on clearance and add them to my stash for later use. The fireplace I received as a PIF and have been holding onto it for a couple years to use for a layout. The snowflake embellishments were given to me by my friend Amanda and have been sitting in my sticker stash. All of the papers I used in the Christmas layouts came from a clearance purchase. I paid $2.00 for the pads of Martha Stewart cardstock and bought 4 of them. The candle sticks were made by backing candy wrappers with sticker paper and free hand cut. The candles were cut from a Q-tip and highlighted with a gel pen on the tip. I highlighted the fire in the fireplace with some stickles. The little Nutcrackers came from a magazine I received in the mail during this layout and when I saw them I knew just what I wanted to do. I cut the picture out roughly. Backed it with cardstock and fussy cut those tiny images out. I then curled the long edges to make them look 3D and have dimension then attached a pop dot to the back. The teeny tiny Christmas cards were printed from online to use in dollhouses. They were the perfect size. Some of the presents I cut with my Cricut and some of the others wre gift tags that I purchased last year and decided they would be the perfect addition for my embellishment. The tree was made by cutting a triangle, punching and gluing branches of at least 3 green colored paper and cardstock. (I curled them a tough before attaching) I thoght I was finished and decided it needed more dimension when I cut ff the back of the angel pin and it still stood too far off the page. So I cut another triangle. I attached more branches to the edges and then added pop dots to bring it off the page. The angel pin was attached with pop dots and dimensional glaze.
My thoughts for this page was "The Perfect Tree". It seems everyone I know decorates theirs differently so I decorated 4 different trees I cut with my Cricut. I used beaded trim, beads, stickles, dew drops and some of those fingernail stickers. Since it was about decorations I then cut ornaments with my Cricut for page accents.
This was intended to be my quicky page just to see what the reindee looked like when cut. I beleive they are cute little fellas. Then of course I needed to cut a sleigh to make it make sense to have reindeer. The presents were a PIF I received some time ago that I was hanging onto for a future layout. I will add more embellishments to this page when I add photos.
I just think these gingerbread people are the cutest. When I found the cookie stickers in my stash from Mrs. Grossman I realized they matched the Martha Stewart papers perfectly. Imagine that. I used a little ribbon and some Christmas charms that I have. I still believe these gingerbread people need a little more. I will look through my SCAL files and see if I can find a spatula, mixing spoon, bowls or something to embellish further. Those little gingerbread people seem just plunked on the page and don't make sense why they are there.

I decided with the holidays fast approaching and both my husband and I working in retail that I would pre-make some holiday pages for our family photos. It seems like I never have the opportunity to scrap photos until well into February. I will add the journaling and page titles when I decide which pictures to use.

I welcome your comments.

Looking for a Recipe

I have been searching online for a Crab chowder recipe. I have seen many with crab, corn and potatoes. I am just not sure which would be the best. If you have a favorite Crab chowder recipe please leave a comment with the recipe or the website for me to take a look at.

I have canned lump crab meat in my pantry, small red potatoes, frozen corn niblets and some imitation crab meat legs in the freezer.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Little Princess

I just had to scrapbook these photos. When I saw the dress and the Barbie I bought it for her hoping she would like it. She said "NeeNee I am a Princess".

Altered Rolodex Cards

I almost forgot, I finished all the altered art Rolodex cards for the swap. I welcome your comments. I added some of my favorite things to my cards to be able to tell you a little about ME. Sunflowers-because they say Spring time and make me smile. The clock face rubber stamp-because when my Dad passed away my Uncle gave me his pocket watch, my Grand father's pocket watch and my Great Grand father's pocket watch he carried in the Civil War. The crown stamp-because 2 of our grand daughters love to play dress up. One of them called me last night and said "NeeNee I want you to buy me a QUEEN and shoes to match the QUEEN". She calls a crown a QUEEN. The lady bug or ant buttons-because it shows my love of flowers and gardening. The rubber stamped words-because they describe my creative side. The torn address-because I always seem to make mistakes and wanted it on purpose this time. I decided if I created a mistake on purpose maybe everything would come together the way I wanted. And last, the tiny postage stamps-because it is a Rolodex card and shows a mailing address and I imagine receiving altered Rolodex cards from so many places of the country.

ATC Ace of Spades

My second ATC playing card for a one on one swap I participate in. This is my rendition of the Ace of Spades. I started with a beautiful black and white damask paper. Added a few strokes of red paint. Cut the spade game piece on my Cricut after I came up with a design I was happy with in Inkscape. I them stamped and embossed it. The silver is gutter tape which as an extremely sticky back. I ran it through my Cuttlebug with a textures Sizzix plate and was very happy with it. The design I chose mimicks the damask paper. I them removed the paper backing and adhered it to my ATC. The buttons I have had for a long time. I never knew exactly what I wuld do with them however I felt they called to me to go on these altered trading cards.

Southwestern Eggrolls

it doesn't look too appetizing at this stage however, it tastes delicious
yes, see I CAN roll eggrolls, nice and tight with nothing dripping out of the folds, and the picture below shows them fried and golden

Yes, Southwestern Eggrolls! I enjoy them so much. We live in a small town and there's no Chili's restaurant here. I just cannot see driving 45 minutes each way just to have them so I made some myself. My husband loved them. He had never tried them before. Dip them in some sour cream or guacamole. YUMMMMMM!!!!!!! We had them with a pot of yellow rice and some refried beans with cheese melted on top.

Breakfast Anyone?

Usually on Sunday my husband and I have breakfast. He was so tickled with himself on his accomplishment of the hash browns I took a picture. He wanted it in one piece and golden. I didn't understand the fuss as you have to dig into it and cut it apart to serve it anyway.