Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doctor Appt. Update

Well, it was time again to refill my prescriptions. I called the pharmacy and did the press this button thing, press numbers, pound sign, telephone number, language, etc. The next day on the way home from work I went in to pick up the prescriptions and only part of them were filled. The pharmacist said that the doctor denied some of the refills. I was confused and shocked and asked that they resubmit the request. On my morning break at work the next day I called my doctors office and questioned why the prescriptions had not been refilled. It seems that after 6+ years with my primary doctor he is uncomfortable treating my rheumatoid arthritis with the chemotherapy and steroids. He requested that I see a rheumatologist so that we are both certain that I get the best care for my disease. Fortunately I called the rheumatologist that he suggested and they had a cancellation later in the day. I had blood work, ex rays, dexa scan and a physical. I had to wait as he stated a week to ten days for the results. Next appointment and I went in I was informed that I was taking the right medication for my disease however he has diagnosed me with fibromyalgia as well. I thought that having cancer 5 times in my life was difficult. I am having a difficult time daily with my rheumatoid arthritis and now fibromyalgia. It does however explain why those squeeze hugs hurt. If anyone knows the triggers either food, weather or stress that bring on flairs and the difficulties that goes with them I would enjoy learning more about my disease.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie...I am in the ARThaven group with you. I love your new blog layout. Penny did mine as well. She is amazing. I hope your able to continue with your Art and wonderful creations. I love your Art...your journals are so pretty. Hope to get to know you better.