Friday, September 25, 2009

Southwestern Eggrolls

it doesn't look too appetizing at this stage however, it tastes delicious
yes, see I CAN roll eggrolls, nice and tight with nothing dripping out of the folds, and the picture below shows them fried and golden

Yes, Southwestern Eggrolls! I enjoy them so much. We live in a small town and there's no Chili's restaurant here. I just cannot see driving 45 minutes each way just to have them so I made some myself. My husband loved them. He had never tried them before. Dip them in some sour cream or guacamole. YUMMMMMM!!!!!!! We had them with a pot of yellow rice and some refried beans with cheese melted on top.

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Julie Ann said...

omg Bonnie- these look absolutely delicious!!!!