Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back to Work

Well, it's the last day of my and my husbands vacation. The past 10 days have been great. I am sitting here browsing the web and my dear husband is painting the dining room. He painted the kitchen a warm French country yellow to go with my roosters collection and the dried palm green will compliment our dining room furniture beautifully.

Earlier in our vacation we had to buy a dryer as ours give up after only 15 years, LOL. The appliance dealer said it was amazing that ours had lasted that long.

I did pretty good until the past couple days. Didn't go shopping. Didn't spend any money. However, like I said until the past couple days. I did some searches on eBay and the rest is history. Bought a few tear bears, Cricut Everyday Paper Dolls, a Tim Holtz distress ink pad (my favorite ink for my scrap pages) and a couple pieces of paper.

I am still working on a Thanksgiving double page. I am not sure if it is strange it's just that I cannot seem to do single pages. Of my 5 complete scrapbook albums not one has a page inside the front cover. It's like I have so many ideas that I just cannot do just one page. And, I have to admit the last page is empty to. Call me strange. Who knows? Hopefully I can get past this one day. Most people that look at my albums (both adults and children) ask how come there isn't anything on the front page? If you have a suggestion or solution to this dilemma I would really like to know.

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Diann said...

Your vacation sounded so nice and I'm glad you got so much ART completed...having fun on your vacation makes it easier to get back and to look forward to the next vacation! I've been busy with sickness lately, but looked at all your scrapbook pages and they are just wonderful Bonnie! Diann