Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My New Stamp

I just haven't had my mind on scrapping a page. I was going through some of my supplies looking for that single (one and only) vintage looking Christmas paper because I wanted to do some bottle cap art. Needless to say after looking for quite a while I didn't find it. I did however find the pack of foam sheets I purchased some time ago. And I thought hmmmm, I wonder if I could cut the stuff with my Cuttlebug and make my own stamp? So, going through my dies I came across the vintage frame one I have had for sometime. I have used it before on some of my scrapbook pages. I thought that would be an interesting stamp and I can see using it over and over. So, I did the normal sandwich and rolled it through my Cuttlebug. Walah it worked. I was so excited and went to the drawer and grabbed the first stamp pad I could put my hands on. It turned out great. I am happy. Now I can mount it on that sticky back stuff like I do with my rubber stamps. The possiblilities are spinning in my head. I have all those swirls and fluorishes I could cut to add those stampings to my pages. I know I probably over explained myself however, I figure in the future I can reread my blog and remind myself how I did it. And I hope I remember not to cut it out of the center of the foam. LOLOL

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